The Weirdest Places to Work (And Be Productive)

Written by Allison Way on . Posted in Work Wherever

In an age where business is driven by social media, entrepreneurs can work anywhere. And we mean anywhere.

From the home office to the business incubator, from the local coffee shop to a park bench; you can find entrepreneurs working anywhere and everywhere. But would you believe us if we told you that, yes indeed, these entrepreneurs are being productive?

A change in an entrepreneur's working environment can actually amp up productivity—new surroundings steer clear from the notion of the "same old, boring workday."

But entrepreneurs aren't just working in local Starbucks coffee shops and the home office anymore. Now that many startups are internet-based, entrepreneurs can be found at virtually any corner of the world. Here are some of the weirdest places that entrepreneurs go to work...and surprisingly, get the work done!

1. The Airport
Simply sitting around and waiting for a flight can be a huge waste of time. Entrepreneurs tend to take advantage of these "wasted minutes" by catching up on emails, researching, and contacting important partners. When working in an airport, be sure to work in an area with low traffic, preferably where you can sit down and remain organized. Also, don't take up too much space when working in the airport. There's nothing worse than looking for a place to sit when just one person takes up five chairs for paperwork!

2. The Car
Since a car usually does not provide Wi-Fi service, a whole lot of room, and access to other electronics and technologies, it is best to work in the car if you need to do some reading or some research. While waiting in an idle car, try pulling out some reading that you've been meaning to get to, or look over some important memos that need editing. It's the small minutes that you spend outside of work that can add up to the biggest time-saving benefits.

3. The Park
Get out of the office! Try working for an hour or so on a park bench or on the park's lawn. Simply being outside can refresh your mind and stir up some major creative juices. Nature has the ability to provide inspiration for any entrepreneur, so if you have some creative work to do, try doing it outside on a nice day.

4. The Rooftop
If your office provides a rooftop, try doing some work up there throughout the day. Much like working in the park, working on a rooftop provides fresh air and inspiration. Rooftops are a great place to take meetings and clients because they provide an atmosphere that most people are not used to. Therefore, whoever you bring up to the rooftop with you, will most likely be impressed.

5. The Bookstore
Many entrepreneurs tend to work at the local coffee shop and some have even ventured to the local public library. But for a different atmosphere, check out your local book store such as Barnes and Noble or Borders. Bookstores provide the best of both worlds—the coffee shop meets the library! Bookstores are often quiet and provide a great atmosphere for work or research.

You can be productive in some pretty bizarre places. Be sure to try out any of the above suggestions if you're looking to get work down outside of the office or the home—even if it may seem a little strange!