Public Safety and Smart City Call to Action


Backing up our words with actions and trying to make a difference by making smart cities safe cities

Like many other people, Think Big Partners reacts to the emerging jigsaw of information regarding our country’s latest public safety tragedy with disbelief, disgust and horror. It has become a sad, almost weekly acceptance that there will be another mass shooting, domestic terrorism event, civil disturbance turned violent or some other public safety incident that sparks both outrage and sadness.

Regardless of ethnic origin, religion, political party or any other label that some try and put on other people but don’t want to wear themselves…these horrible events affect all of us.

These events have permeated our daily psyche as individuals and are now ever present in the back of our minds as a country. We live in difficult, complicated and unsettling times and there doesn’t seem to be a clear path forward to making things better or safer.

This morning, we read simple yet powerful words tweeted by Mike Bloomberg (former Mayor of New York City):

As a company and as a group of concerned individuals, Think Big Partners has decided to play a bigger role in trying to make a difference. Inspired by Bloomberg’s call to action, our civic duty seems to be best echoed by the late President Kennedy’s words:

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” – John F. Kennedy

Think Big Partners is scheduled to host its second annual Smart City Tech Summit focused on Public Safety on Oct 18-19, 2017. This event will be held in Kansas City and is designed to synthesize Internet of Things (IoT) smart technology, public safety needs and discuss the challenges cities face to make their communities safer. As a small company, this event costs us a fair amount of money. Thankfully, our partners and sponsors make this event possible by helping us offset the costs while we also try and make up for any difference in ticket sales.

As of 5 pm CST October 2, 2017, we are making a commitment to making a difference by putting our money where our mouth is. Or in the words of Mayor Bloomberg, “back up our words with actions.”

In light of recent events, we are waiving all ticket costs in hopes of getting the right people from every community to be able to attend.

If you are a civic leader, a city official, a member of the law enforcement community, a community advocate or someone who works or advises on behalf of public interests and its citizens, we are making this event 100% free for you to attend. For those people who hold the public trust, there is no cost for you to meet the thought leaders, discover innovative technologies or take part in the uncomfortable public safety discussions that we must have that can make all the difference. On the Smart City Tech Summit ticket page, enter “SMARTCITYSAFECITY’ to access this exclusive discount.

While we recognize this is a small contribution, this is our way of trying to make a difference.

We hope all community leaders and civic organizations will join us for this truly world-class, 2-day public safety event. If you need more information or want to get further involved, please contact us at or call (816) 842.5244 ext. 101.

The time is now for all of us to try and make difference in public safety.

We hope you will join us.

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