Think Big was the original co-creator of Kansas City’s Smart and Connected City project.

Conceived in January 2014 and launched in Q1 2016, Think Big played a significant role as the smart city master planner – visionary, innovator, solutions architect, P3 project manager and implementation partner for Kansas City initial and Phase 1 launch.

This project was a $15.7 million public private partnership (P3) that covered nearly 60 blocks with lights, sensors, kiosks and public Wi-Fi.

Think Big continues to play an active role in Kansas City as advisor, innovation partner, recruitment of P3 projects/partners and Living Lab operator.

Kansas City Living Lab

In partnership with Cisco, Think Big created the KC Living Lab, a Smart City Innovation Lab platform that brings together data streams, SDK’s, API’s in an online portal that enables cities, innovators, scientists, R&D professionals  and entrepreneurs the ability to co-create solutions to urbanization problems.

This platform will also provide cities, industry stakeholders and other partners to be part of an innovation network that will accelerate the technology commercialization through deeper insights, shared learnings and more on a global basis.