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From coworking space or collaborative office space, Think Big Workspace Advisory Services can help you run a more successful operation to make a bigger impact in your community.

Think Big Partners launched its first 12,000SF workspace in 2010. We quickly grew to 18,000SF, then 24,000SF, then 31,000SF in 2017 with over 250 active monthly members, until Think Big Coworking was acquired in early 2018. In our eight years as workspace operators, we helped thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators and enterprise companies find an office home where they could productively work and connect with like-minded people. 

While building our community, we have advised other communities through feasibility studies on how to build the right workspace to act as an economic development catalyst and uncover substantial business opportunities. This roadmap has helped communities secure funding, recruit the right partners and begin the design process to deliver on time and within budget.

In addition to community building, Think Big has helped real estate owners and existing creative space owners transform their existing buildings or communities into high occupancy, higher than average rental assets to help ignite communities’ economic rebirth.

We even have experience “turning around” coworking spaces that are under-performing, implementing best practices, better technology and creating a business model that is more valuable and sustainable.

Feasibility Analysis
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • Site & Building Selection
  • Workspace Design
  • Equipment & Vendor Selection
  • Monitor Build Process
  • Implement Best Practices
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Strategic Partner Development
  • Member Management
Business Modeling
  • Budgeting
  • Operational Costs
  • Pricing Models
  • Economic Development
  • Back Office Systems
  • Create Policies & Documents
  • Staff Training
  • Program Development
  • Process Optimization
  • New Revenue Identification
  • New Programs & Events
  • Sponsor Development

Globally, there will be over 1.7 million people working in 19,000 coworking spaces by the end of 2018, according to deskmag. The shared office space trend is not only growing at an incredible pace, it’s shaping the future of work.

The demand for various types of collaborative office spaces is rising exponentially from year to year, making the global and local markets more competitive than ever before. It simply isn’t enough to have “cool furniture” and free coffee.

If you don’t have the right layout, effective service processes in place or understand the functional role your workspace plays in the community–and how to maximize your impact–your workspace will not achieve its full potential. In some instances, this can be the difference between long-lasting success and outright failure.

Today, 1 in every 4 American workers is an entrepreneur or freelancer, and that number is expected to grow to 40% by 2020.


These workspace users expect a high-quality experience, enhanced productivity, connectivity to the right people and a sense of community.

Here's How We Can Help

Feasibility Analysis

Using our proven Proof-of-Concept Reverse Innovation Sequence Method (PRISM), we will help you evaluate the feasibility of your workspace.

Market Analysis

  • Identify the best business-based role(s) your space can play in your market area
  • Identify unserved or underserved gaps in your community
  • Identify untapped market opportunities based on business partners and sectors in your market area and create strategic innovation and business partnering opportunities
  • Competitive analysis of current offerings and alternatives
  • Create a high level marketing and activation plan to build brand awareness in the community as your raise capital, recruit partners or begin marketing to attract members
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Business Modeling

The Think Big team will help build out a sustainable business model that meets your financial and social goals.

Business Model Development

  • Create a budget to design and build the proper workspace to serve the needs of your target audience(s) and addressable market areas
  • Create financial operations models to reach sustainability and maximize profitability
  • Create membership pricing models and membership activation strategies

Economic Development Assessment

  • Explore local, regional and national opportunities for grants, incentives and awards
  • Create partnerships and alliances with local and regional organizations to make a bigger economic development impact (job creation, talent development, opportunity attraction) and maximize resources
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Proper location and design is the most essential and challenging element to the overall success of any workspace. We will help you maximize ROI by selecting the right site, designing a layout with the right mix of open and dedicated space, and selecting furniture and fixtures.

Site Selection

  • Identify the best location for your workspace within your market through an analysis of sustainability, scalability, technology and infrastructure requirements and costs.
  • Confirm your workspace functional role can be accomplished by your facility

Workspace Design

  • Work with your architectural team to design the optimal space to meet the needs or your community through a strategic approach that reduces costs, saves time and avoids mistakes.

Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FFE) Selection

  • Help select the right furniture, fixtures and identify the best vendors to bring value to the space without overspending
  • Create a flexible plan (layout and function) that can adapt to the ongoing dynamic needs of your members
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Ready to build your workspace? Our team will help you convert your concept into reality by monitoring the building process to ensure your project stays within budget and on-time.

Monitor Building Process

  • Help monitor and manage the building process to control costs, manage design changes as needed, and keep the project on-time
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Launching and activating a workspace is a complex process with many moving parts. We will help you reduce the burden of getting the word out, training staff, and developing the policies and procedures to keep your space running smoothly.

Backoffice Systems Development

  • Create essential documents
    • Welcome kits
    • Membership agreements
    • Privacy policies
    • Other core documents
  • Establish KPIs & Management Metrics
    • Monitor financial health
    • Operational efficiency
    • Policies & Handbooks (create sound policies to create a safe, low-risk, enjoyable and productive community)
    • Performance Monitoring Systems (recommend, install and customize SaaS systems)

Technology Recommendations & Implementation

  • Membership Portal
  • Reservation & Scheduling Software
  • Community Building/Social Platforms

Staff Training

  • Selection criteria
  • Initial and ongoing training (day-to-day operations)
  • Advanced training for functional roles to grow and scale operations

Program Development

  • Branded events
  • Partner events
  • Hosted events
  • Community events
  • Educational events

Go-To Market and Launch Strategy

  • Create an initial activation plan to fill your space through market advertising, media outreach messaging, partner driven activation, PR strategies and kickoff events (local, regional and national)
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Let us help you improve your operations through ongoing consulting and valuable insights from our team of workspace operations experts.

  • Experience and Market Based Best Practice Sharing
  • New Technology Evaluation and Adoption
  • Risk Management
  • Partnership and Sponsor Development
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Layout Fine Tuning
  • Member Management and Space Culture Nurturing
  • Community Building and Retention through Ongoing Programming
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Whether you have been operating your workspace for years, or just opened the doors, there is always room to grow. We will help you optimize operations and leverage opportunities to enhance both the member experience and financial performance of your space.

Operation Optimization

  • Evaluate and adopt new technologies to improve efficiencies
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Improve process
  • Reduce costs and waste

Hidden Revenue Identification

New Programming Development

Partnership Development

  • Develop new programming for national partners seeking local markets for joint venture/paid event revenue streams
  • Economic growth opportunities through innovation partnering
  • Partner with Think Big and other spaces to expand your network
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