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We build smart cities. We design and implement smart technologies. And we help entrepreneurs and innovators create fresh solutions to the world’s toughest challenges by accelerating technology commercialization powered by human centered design principles.

Think Big brings people, ideas, processes and opportunities together to create more vibrant, smarter, globally connected high impact communities.


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Think Big Partners Featured by VisionKeepers Public Television Episode on Smart Cities


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2017 Gold Edison Award Winner for Smart City Innovation


The Time for Shared Workspaces is Now

Why Cities Need Shared Workspaces Now More Than Ever


Think Big Coworking Acquired by Plexpod

Plexpod & Think Big Partners Announce Acquisition and Partnership for Expansion, Innovation, and Economic Development


The Origin of Think Big Partners

Over the past 10 years, we have evolved from a technology-focused business incubator to a firm that now advises the world’s most progressive-minded cities, companies, innovators and entrepreneurs.

What We Do

Smart City

Think Big has real world Smart City design, build and implementation experience. We analyze your opportunity to develop public and private partnerships to maximize citizen experience and city success.

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Innovation districts powered by entrepreneurs, high growth companies and reinvented large employers provide the fuel for economic growth. We help city leaders design, build and launch innovation districts.


Successful workspaces require experience based design to build not only for functionality but inspiration and productivity. It should be paired with a financially profitable plan. Think Big can help you design both.

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The need to innovate has never been greater. We can help you create the right innovation partnerships, rapidly develop innovation solutions and create an innovation road-map to help you grow.

Think Big Labs

A next generation Smart City Civic Innovation Lab Partnership Program that helps communities create their own public-private partnership platform to engage their city, companies, innovators, entrepreneurs and citizens to work together, co-creating a brighter future.

Our Work

National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Smart City Master Planning<br>City of Chula Vista, CA

Smart City Master Planning
City of Chula Vista, CA

Feasibility Analysis<br>KCATA

Feasibility Analysis

Smart City Workshops<br>City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Smart City Workshops
City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Smart City Master Planning and Deployment<br>City of Kansas City, MO

Smart City Master Planning and Deployment
City of Kansas City, MO

Smart City Master Planning<br>City of Akron, OH

Smart City Master Planning
City of Akron, OH

Workspace Advisory<br>Baltimore, MD

Workspace Advisory
Baltimore, MD

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September 9, 2018 in Smart City

Smart City Planner – Understanding Induced Demand and Transportation Infrastructure

If you are a smart city planner, you will want to read this. Anyone who has ever driven in Los Angeles has experienced "induced demand" that has resulted in "Carmageddon." Interstate 405, or simply known as "the 405", is one of the worst traffic congestion nightmares in the world. The…
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September 5, 2018 in Blog, Smart City, Smart City

Smart Streetlights Are Bridging The Smart City Digital Divide Gap

  Smart streetlights not only provide a platform for revenue but also improve public safety while lifting high school graduation rates in the digital divide regions America's digital divide, the gap that exists between those who have access to modern communications technology and those who don't, persists. Accordingly, closing this…
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September 3, 2018 in News

Kansas City to Host Smart City Innovation Workshop During Techweek

Think Big is excited to be partnering with Techweek KC because it is the perfect platform for hosting our Smart City Citizen Innovation Workshop. Event attendees that go to Techweek are a mix of all of the right audiences. Beyond Techweek KC attendees, Think Big is looking to include citizens…
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