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By January 26, 2016 Events
Smart City Tech Summit

The world today is changing fast. One thing for certain is that technology is moving faster than ever before, but parts of civilization are not keeping up. One of the biggest threats that modern civilization faces today­–regardless of race, religion, socio-economic boundaries and geography–­is the threat of domestic terrorism to public safety. According to the FBI, there were 160 active shooter incidents between 2000 – 2013. Since that time there have been notable shooting incidents in Charleston, Paris, and San Bernardino and more. And in the first 30 days of 2016 alone, we have already experienced at least six incidents that killed at least nine people. Sadly, this list will continue to grow.

When we launched Think Big Partners in 2010, we had one mission in mind. How do we help entrepreneurs create more successful companies? Over the past six years, we have evolved and we have learned many things:

How to develop high performing entrepreneur teams.

How to recognize the passionate dreamers from motivated, committed doers that become successful entrepreneurs.

How to unlock the potential of large companies working with small startups to mutually solve their business and innovation needs.

How communities can build vibrant innovation districts that create entrepreneur-led economic development impact.

And how technology can be used to solve big, everyday problems that lack simple solutions.

Today, we have a unique opportunity to take everything that we have learned, along with many of the partners we have worked with over the years, to solve a big world problem. One that lingers in the back of our minds every day. One that we prefer not to think about until we must. One that must improve before things get worse, or for some, becomes too late.

Our latest mission? How do we solve the very real threat to public safety in a well-organized domestic terrorism scenario or a lone wolf incident?

We are proud to announce our first Smart City Tech Summit that will focus on public safety, domestic terrorism that involves an active shooter threat and the smart technologies that can help keep us safe. We will be bringing together experts, combined with the leading technology companies that are creating breakthrough innovative solutions. These companies range from large companies with names you may recognize to small, emerging technology startups that may have come out of an entrepreneur’s garage. All of the technologies featured will be real, offer substantial value and will change how you think about things.

We are especially proud to help organize the world’s first live technology demonstration that will feature a full scale, law enforcement response to an active shooter threat that will demonstrate a wide array of technologies. Some of these technologies have been recently declassified from the military and intelligence agencies and include: satellites, drones, sensors, advanced software, predictive analytics and more. Security cleared attendees will be able to watch the live demonstration at a tactical command center on the last day of our event, where experts will deliver powerful narratives alongside a live streamed police response that is being shaped by advanced technology.

This event helps launch the KC Living Lab which is part of the Kansas City Smart and Connected City project and is designed to seek out the best emerging technology solutions for real-world problems.

We will not only create the conversation that many cities and citizens prefer not to think about, but also discuss the solutions and tactics that cannot be ignored to improve public safety around the world.

As a group of entrepreneurs who wants to change the world, we can’t think of a more important mission for us to play in today’s innovation economy. We are proud to help unlock the next generation of public safety solutions that come from this public-private partnership between governmental organizations, large companies, entrepreneurs and more.

This world problem can’t wait any longer, it’s simply too important for us to ignore. We hope you won’t accept the status quo and will join us at the Smart City Tech Summit or in spirit.'

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Herb Sih is Managing Partner for Think Big Partners, an innovation-driven firm focused on advising the world's most progressive-minded cities, companies and entrepreneurs. Herb has a deep background in advising entrepreneurs and high growth companies, accelerating innovation and helping communities solve complex problems by building smart cities and connected technologies using human-centered design principles.

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