Financing a Smart City Project

Smart City Financial Engineering Webinar

More than half of the world’s population today lives in urban settlements. By 2050 this urban population will grow to over 70% with more than 4.8 billion people living in cities. As communities deal with this massive growth, cities everywhere are challenged by congestion, pollution, crime, aging infrastructure, falling budgets and many other issues. They need new strategies and new technologies to address those challenges.

Smart technology is a key piece of the solution. But smart city projects come with price tags. And many smart technologies are relatively new and haven’t established the kind of track record financiers want to see, which makes securing capital investments even more challenging.

Fortunately, there are numerous financing resources available to help cities and regional governments pay for smart city projects. We are hosting a Smart City Financial Engineering Webinar on Tuesday, February 15 at 12:00pm CST to provide city leaders with the financial tools and resources they need to invest in the future.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How cities can create a smart city technology master plan to help select the right mix of assets to a deliver a triple bottom line return on investment (financial, social and political ROI).
  • Innovative financing models and proven strategies designed to pay for smart city deployments.
  • Managing a smart city procurement process that aligns your technology purchasing needs, even out of scheduled budget cycles.
  • The top three mistakes made when selecting smart city technologies that will destroy your ROI.

Join us Wednesday, February 15 as we explore how today’s cities select the right technologies that deliver real value and find the money to pay for it.'

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