Plexpod & Think Big Partners Announce Acquisition and Partnership for Expansion, Innovation, and Economic Development

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For the past 8 years, Think Big Partners has been proud to help entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers and established companies achieve greater levels of success. With this in mind, we are excited to share some special news.

Plexpod acquires Think Big Coworking, expanding support for growth-stage companies, entrepreneurs and innovators


Kansas City, MO, December 14, 2017 – Plexpod and Think Big Partners announced today they are moving forward on an agreement that promotes expansion through partnership and provides greater support for growth-stage companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators throughout the Midwest Region. As part of the agreement, Plexpod will acquire Think Big Coworking from Think Big Partners, which has operated as an early stage business incubator, emerging technology startup accelerator, innovation partner to established companies and Smart City consultant. Think Big Partners will launch Think Big Labs, a next-generation growth incubator program, which will operate from each Plexpod location.

Plexpod, a progressive coworking platform offering next-generation workspaces for entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-stage companies of all sizes, will take over operations at 1712 Main St, in the downtown Kansas City Crossroads, at the start of 2018. This acquisition and expansion will benefit all current and new Plexpod member-companies as they can now enjoy access to multiple Plexpod locations throughout the metro area from Johnson County to Midtown/Plaza to Crossroads/Downtown Kansas City.

Plexpod Founder and CEO Gerald Smith said, “Plexpod’s mission is to resource the best entrepreneurs that are solving big world problems, and then provide them with access to business networks across their city and region which we believe increases their chances for success. I am proud of what our team has accomplished. With this acquisition, there will now be over 225 growing companies operating on the Plexpod coworking platform, which includes over 220,000 square feet of flexible office space under management throughout the Kansas City metro area.” Plexpod will be announcing additional locations in the coming weeks.

The newly launched Think Big Labs program begins where current successful accelerator programs like Techstars often leave off. Think Big Labs will focus on emerging technologies and act primarily as an innovation lab focused on helping communities prepare for and foster entrepreneur-led economic growth. “Seven years ago, we set out to build the kind of dynamic workspaces that we as entrepreneurs longed for but could not find in traditional real estate,” said Think Big Partners cofounder Herb Sih. “In Plexpod, we’ve found kindred spirits who understand the impact entrepreneurs can make when they have access to resources, mentors, and inspiring spaces in which to work. We are excited to help communities throughout the US unlock economic growth through innovation and entrepreneur-led economic development with a strong Plexpod platform and partnership.”

“The right mix of talent and resources can revive and reinvent any modern city, and we think this is a key component of next generation smart communities,” said Think Big Partner, and Director of Operations Sarah Fustine. “We’ve seen member-companies bring new jobs to the Kansas City and Midwest market, and we’re so excited about the potential for inventing new futures for communities all across the region.”

Think Big Labs will operate out of each Plexpod location, and as a separate legal entity from Plexpod. Think Big Partners will continue to office at the 1712 Main location.

Specific details about Plexpod membership and member benefits are available online at Information about Think Big Labs will be published online before the end of 2017 at

About Plexpod

Plexpod, founded in 2014, is a progressive coworking platform offering next generation workspace for entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-stage companies of all sizes. In addition to desks, offices, team spaces, and meeting rooms, Plexpod serves as each company’s world headquarters featuring additional resources like soundstage & photography studios, performance theater & event spaces, cafes & kitchens, fitness & gaming, sport court & dance studio, as well as outdoor spaces. Plexpod has several locations in the Kansas City metro area and is currently expanding to other cities.

About Think Big Partners

Think Big Partners is an innovation driven professional services firm located in Kansas City that has operated an emerging technology incubator, startup accelerator and workspace since 2009. As one of the leading experts in the smart city space, Think Big Partners has helped cities and communities grow through smart city planning, supporting entrepreneurship and developing solutions through innovation partnering. In 2016, Think Big Partners won the Golden Edison Award for its role in the Kansas City Smart City project. Think Big Partners will operate Think Big Labs, a public-private partnership model that fosters innovation and economic development for cities, established companies, and entrepreneurs through innovation partnering.

For more information on the newly branded Plexpod Crossroads, please visit Plexpod’s website or contact the Plexpod team at For more information on Think Big Labs, contact us at'

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