Smart City Financial Engineering: Insights and Tools for City Leaders Investing in the Future

Smart City Financial Engineering

More than half of the world’s population today lives in urban settlements. By 2050 this urban population will grow to over 70% with more than 4.8 billion people living in cities. As cities deal with this massive growth, they are simultaneously facing increased burdens due to aging infrastructure and a myriad of complex socio-economic challenges with more strained financial resources than ever before.

It is imperative for cities to implement new and often emerging technologies – smart city technologies –  that can lower a city’s operating cost, improve efficiency, create new revenue streams while also providing citizens the highest quality of life possible. But how do cities select the right technologies that deliver real value and find the money to pay for it?

Recently, Think Big managing partner Herb Sih hosted a live webinar to share Think Big’s insight and tolls for city leaders investing in their companies future. In the webinar, attendees learned:

  • How cities can create a smart city technology master plan to help select the right mix of assets to a deliver a triple bottom line return on investment (financial, social and political ROI).
  • Innovative financing models and proven strategies designed to pay for smart city deployments.
  • Managing a smart city procurement process that aligns your technology purchasing needs, even out of scheduled budget cycles.
  • The top three mistakes made when selecting smart city technologies that will destroy your ROI.

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