Smart City as a Platform for Modern Economic Development

Smart City as a Platform for Modern Economic Development

Today’s modern city faces many challenges. For most cities, these challenges often lead to smart city discussions that are focused on infrastructure modernization, operational cost savings, revenue creation or enhanced citizen engagement. But the most advanced cities are recognizing that one of the biggest challenges – economic development – is also a smart city opportunity.

Cities that adopt a smarter, holistic view with a pragmatic approach can unlock tremendous economic value in their community by building next generation, multi-stakeholder smart city platforms that support and fuel economic growth.

On May 30, 2018, Think Big Partners hosted a virtual workshop to explain how the smart city platform can be used as a tool for economic growth.

In this workshop, attendees learned:

  • How to think about economic development and smart city deployments that compete for opportunities and workforce talent while delivering a high quality of life to its citizens.
  • The essential economic development components that are the most critical for today’s modern city.
  • How to identify your city’s most valuable economic development opportunities/growth assets and compute their economic impact and ROI.
  • The basics of developing an integrated smart city roadmap that will create measurable return on investment while fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and citizen engagement.
  • Examples of how to finance these projects through public-private partnerships, government funds and other non-traditional financing mechanisms.

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