Think Big’s Sih: ‘It’s about making it work’

By March 7, 2014 News
Think Big managing partner Herb Sih

Kansas City Business Journal journalist, Bobby Burch, discusses with Think Big Co-Founder, Herb Sih, about his path to Think Big.“From the battlefield to the boardroom, Herb Sih’s 11 years in the U.S. Army offered more than just experience flying Chinook helicopters.

Navigating hostile territory with Navy SEALs on board was formative in Sih’s character and integral in his battle-hardened business mentality as co-founder and managing partner of Think Big Partners, LLC

Sih leads the hybrid co-working, business incubator and accelerator firm using lessons learned from his service. The 46-year-old has formed a variety of companies and helped launch dozens more with the strategic poise only military life can offer. Sih discussed how his service afforded an education germane to business.”

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